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In the first two Blogs in this venue, we discussed learning to read the 3 mediums of Body Language, in order to gain some important insights into our beloved pooches. By understanding the 3 forms of expression, Posture, Gesture, and Sound, it gives us a better chance of problem solving when needed,and certainly helps cement a stronger bond between animal and human. One of the first questions I often ask myself when trying to relate to a an unfamiliar member of the 4 legged breeds, or one of my own is, “What is it they’re trying to tell me?” This[...]
So Lady has been quite happy devouring raw food.  I say raw food instead of raw dog food as overtime I learned that there really isn’t dog food or people food when it comes to our dogs.  We are either eating healthy fresh foods for ourselves or our pets OR we are eating processed foods which we all know how good that is for us or them….NOT. In the beginning I found it quite easy and convenient to feed her the premades such as chicken, turkey, lamb, etc.  Premades are the right amount of protein blended with fruits and veggies. [...]
Flickering ears, raised tails, sniffing the air intently, these are just a few of the signs that our canine pals incorporate into the world of Body Language. There’s many more signs. Space is limited here, but for those who read my first Blog in this forum, I touched on the fact that it would be so very helpful if only our dogs could speak English! Fortunately,  learning a little about the three mediums that form the nucleus of Body Language, can often go a long ways to resolving certain canine puzzles due to their lack of English. The three mediums[...]
Driving seniors was an everyday adventure however I realized after 8 years that the more I learnt about people the more I liked pets. Thank you Mr. Samuel Clemens. Pets To Vets was hatched June 2014 by David, Janis, Don, Jen, and Patrick as the co founders. Dogs, cats, bunnies, birds and even Harrison the pot bellied pig who according to his parents S. & B. has a resemblance to Mr. Ford,found compassionate care with our Pets To Vets dedicated drivers who are DOGSAFE Canine First Aid Certified and have criminal background clearances. Thank you to Douglas College Veterinary Technology[...]
So why does my dog give me that “do I have to eat this crap again” look? Well if you feed your dog/s  like I have done that is what I believed to be the best.  Just pick one flavor/brand and stick to it.  It is the best thing for your dog as they don’t need variety or so I thought.  Switch it up and you’ll pay for it! I have had many pets over the years, most of them being dogs.  Learned so much from each one of them.  I still continue to learn from them just as I[...]
If only dogs could speak English, it would make things so much easier now wouldn’t it? Think of what us two legged creatures could learn from our canine pals if they could actually speak to us. Think of all the time we’d save learning that ‘Stanley’ actually prefers fetching the orange rubber ball with the blue stripes and really despises the texture of that bright green fuzzy tennis ball. LOL. That said, dogs do speak to us,(and of course other dogs), in three different mediums that form the nucleus of Body Language. It’s up to us to try and learn[...]