Do I have to eat this crap again


So why does my dog give me that “do I have to eat this crap again” look? Well if you feed your dog/s  like I have done that is what I believed to be the best.  Just pick one flavor/brand and stick to it.  It is the best thing for your dog as they don’t need variety or so I thought.  Switch it up and you’ll pay for it!

I have had many pets over the years, most of them being dogs.  Learned so much from each one of them.  I still continue to learn from them just as I have done for myself the last 5 years or so.

So why is it that we humans do so much better on fresh whole foods with a nice balanced variety?

A couple of years ago, during my regular visit to my favorite pet store, the owner was there with one of his dogs (a beautiful standard poodle).  Like usual I asked how old?  He said 15. I swear that dog did not look a day over 5. I said what???  He said it was primarily the raw food from day 1.  Raw food…seriously?  Oh yes he said, that is what nature intended for dogs, they are canines ya know? Well open the doors to a whole new world.  I truly believed that the stuff I had been buying for years was what was best for my dogs.

Here I began my curiosity to know more.  Now let’s jump to the time where I now have another dog let’s say two years go by.  Here comes the test!  Beautiful little Miniature Pincher/Dachshund named Lady.  At time of adoption she was eating kibble and I went to the pet store and bought more kibble.  I still believed that this was ok for dogs.  Then that vision entered my mind about the owner’s dog and how amazing he looked at age 15.  Could I do the same for this little dog.  Off to the store I go to buy some raw.

The next day I start.  I did not go cold turkey as I was not sure how she would do.  She got raw for breakfast and then kibble in the afternoon.  I noticed on day 2 she was tickled pink to have the raw.  Nose went up in the air when I gave her kibble.  Hhhhmmmm, very interesting.  After a few weeks she was totally on raw.  I have since incorporated bones and bone broth.  I could go on and on but check out a picture of her on how she is doing.

Stay tuned to hear more of the incredible journey of Lady and soon to be, yes Tramp our 2nd rescue!


The author Darinka, passionate about health & nutrition for dogs, owns Cariboo Paws Pet Foods in the Cariboo (Lone Butte) and services 100 Mile House and surrounding areas.

Darinka can be reach vie email at: cariboopawspetfoods@outlook.com