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Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley

Pets to Vets™ started in June 2014 and is owned  and operated by Janis Beaumont. Janis saw the need for pet transportation and as an avid pet owner stepped in to fill the need. She knew that many seniors didn't have a car and found it impossible to take their pet to the vet or to the groomers. "Family and friends are usually open to giving a person a ride but when it comes to transporting the family dog or cat, many people are quite apprehensive" said Janis.

Pets to Vets™ is able to accommodate large and small dogs and even caged birds. Janis has large and small cages and has a hammock so the pets can relax and be safe while transported. While not at work Janis spends time with Panda, her Dogo Argentino pictured on this page. Janis also volunteers at Critter Care Animal Wildlife Society transporting rescued raccoons, rabbits and squirrels amongst others.