In Dogs We Trust


If only dogs could speak English, it would make things so much easier now wouldn’t it? Think of what us two legged creatures could learn from our canine pals if they could actually speak to us. Think of all the time we’d save learning that ‘Stanley’ actually prefers fetching the orange rubber ball with the blue stripes and really despises the texture of that bright green fuzzy tennis ball. LOL.

That said, dogs do speak to us,(and of course other dogs), in three different mediums that form the nucleus of Body Language. It’s up to us to try and learn from them. You see Dogs communicate via Posture, Gesture and Sound. Same as horses and other four legged creatures.The more in tune we humans are to these three forms of expression, the  more harmonious our relationships to our dogs will be. If we do learn to be more in sync with them, they likely will be even more cooperative, much easier to manage while being well behaved, and certainly a real joy for their primary
caregivers. On a similar theme, take a look at this pic below. This is a pic taken of me and my wonderful little Pug Luci at a terrific off leash area called McDonald Beach. Notice how in sync we are with each other. In fact upon closer inspection, you’ ll note that her left paw is balanced on my left hand and her right front leg is actually around my left shoulder and neck area for balance. I used to call this the ‘ Girlfriend’ pose LOL. I would initiate the pose by picking Luci up via both her underarms and in one motion, letting her rest her haunches in the crook of my left arm. She
would automatically drop her left paw while searching for my left fist and then she would slide her right front leg around my neck and shoulder area to balance herself while completing the pose. She was able to do this quite
willingly because of two things very early on in her development. Those two things were Nurturing and Trust. For many dogs, they go hand in hand,as long as you’ve had them in your care as a puppy. When dogs experience
early Nurturing, via proper Care and Love, they automatically Trust. When you tap into these two dynamics, the results can be amazing, and the bond between dog and human is so very rewarding as this pic clearly shows. Just
be patient and please take the time to make the time and for sure the all important Trust will surely follow!

The author Jonni, walks dogs and does In home Boarding at the dogs actual residence for our Pets to Vets clientele and others in Richmond and surrounding area. Jonni can be reached via email at : info@PetsToVets.ca