Lady’s life with raw food


So Lady has been quite happy devouring raw food.  I say raw food instead of raw dog food as overtime I learned that there really isn’t dog food or people food when it comes to our dogs.  We are either eating healthy fresh foods for ourselves or our pets OR we are eating processed foods which we all know how good that is for us or them….NOT.

In the beginning I found it quite easy and convenient to feed her the premades such as chicken, turkey, lamb, etc.  Premades are the right amount of protein blended with fruits and veggies.  I either got her pucks or patties which made it super easy to give her the right amount according to her size, weight, age and physical activity.  I learned that offering a nice variety would strengthen her immune system.  She seemed to really enjoy trying new proteins over time.

Of course, having a small dog like Lady made it really easy to not only feed a premade without costing too much plus each time I would go to stock up, it was easy to get enough for a month or so.  I have definitely considered making fresh from scratch and found some really cool easy recipes.  My challenge is sourcing out all the ingredients needed locally.

So far I see that Lady has an amazing amount of energy, beautiful coat and amazing white teeth!  Even our local groomer pointed out how great she looks.  There are other things I looked for to see how healthy Lady was and so far she has exceeded our expectations.  I know myself how I feel with what I eat and it sure does show with Lady.

I have also learned that not all dogs transition well to raw.  I feel very fortunate with the success with Lady.  No allergies or sensitivities.  In my next blog, I will introduce Tramp and incredible journey he has had transitioning to raw.  Definitely a story worth sharing!

The author Darinka, passionate about health & nutrition for dogs, owns Cariboo Paws Pet Foods in he Cariboo (Lone Butte) and services 100 Mile House and surrounding areas.

Darinka can be reached via email at: cariboopawspetfoods@outlook.com